Frequently Asked Questions

During breaks in the academic schedule are students expected to go home or stay?

They are free to go either way. If they choose to stay on campus, they will be provided for.

If students stay during breaks is there any type of work that could be done?

Students are encouraged to use the time for study.  They might also like to volunteer to help in the library, or work with our facilities people who can use help on building projects.  However, funding at this time does not allow for a paid working option.

Is there a laundry facility available for the students?

Yes, there is a laundry facility on campus.

Is a passport necessary (there is mention of helping with evangelism in Montreal)?

Yes, participating students will be crossing the border and a passport is required.

Are students expected to have their own vehicles?

No. Transportation will be provided when needed.

What facilities and such are available for the storage and preparation for the two meals during the weekends that students are responsible for?

The meal program has recently been changed so that meals will now be provided for all seven days of the week.

What options are available for worship on Sundays?

There are several Bible believing churches in the area which students may choose attend.

Can you explain the dorm situation?

Students are housed two or three to a room with each having their own private desk. Each room shares one bathroom with shower.

What are the expenses for and information needed for the Israel tour?

That is in the process of being figured out by the staff and all will be notified when the figures are available.