Mottel Baleston

Mottel Baleston

Adjunct Professor of Messianic Jewish Studies
  • Mottel Baleston is the Director of The Messengers Messianic Fellowship and served for 16 years as Messianic Rabbi and Associate Messianic Rabbi at Beth Messiah Congregation, New Jersey.
  • He earned a Diploma from Northeastern Bible College and a Certificate of Completion from the Ariel Ministries 5 Year Summer Program of Messianic Jewish Studies.
  • Graduate level course work at Biblical Theological Seminary of Pennsylvania and Hebrew Studies at Ulpan Beit HaAm School of Jerusalem.

In our day there has been a resurgence of Jewish people coming to faith in Jesus as their Jewish Messiah and Savior. They have a continuing love and affection for Jewish life and culture, while at the same time affirming Jesus as Messiah.

Mottel Baleston of New Jersey is one of these. Mottel was born into a Jewish home in Brooklyn, New York and attended Jewish and public schools in New York City. He came to faith in Messiah as a result of a search for spiritual truth. After a careful reading of the Messianic prophecies of the Jewish Bible, it was evident to him that only Jesus has fulfilled these.

Mottel is the Director of the “Messengers of the New Covenant” of New Jersey, an organization established in 1940 to communicate the good news of Messiah Yeshua. Messengers carries on a work of sharing Messiah within the Jewish community, discipling Jewish believers as well as educating Christians concerning the Jewish roots of their faith. In 1983 Mottel established and then led the Messengers Messianic Fellowship in metro New Jersey. This resulted in many Jewish people coming to faith in Messiah and growing as believers. A vibrant fellowship continued there for 15 years.

Mottel also served as Interim Messianic Rabbi of Beth Messiah Congregation of Livingston, NJ. The Congregation was composed of 70% Jewish believers and is located in a heavily Jewish neighborhood. After two rocky years without full time leadership, the congregation had declined in numbers and considered closing. Mottel agreed to come as Interim in 1997, seeking to build the Congregation back up to the place where they could call a full time leader. The Lord blessed as many hours were spent leading and working behind the scenes. Mottel taught the Scriptures in an expository manner each week and prepared men to serve as Elders. Those years were a time of great activity that saw the congregation grow. When a full time leader was called four years later the number of committed adults had doubled.

In addition to other ministries, Mottel continued to voluntarily assist there thru 2013 as a Teaching Elder, Worship Team Leader, Hebrew class instructor, Small Group Leader along with a few other hats. Good things came about in many lives and that chapter of Messianic Congregational leadership is now complete.

In 2014 he is shifting toward a greater emphasis on outreach and being available to teach in various congregations and churches. Seminars and messages are shared on the topics seen on the Teaching DVD’s page of his ministry website. Messianic Jewish Passover Seders and Holiday gatherings are also arranged and conducted.

Assisting the Messianic Jewish community by officiating at life-cycle events such as weddings and funerals that are Messiah centered is another important aspect of ministry. Mottel is often invited back to pulpits to keep churches aware of the Jewish roots of their faith.

Mottel is a graduate of Northeastern Bible College and completed extensive course work at Biblical Theological Seminary of Pennsylvania and Ulpan Beit HaAm (Hebrew Language Institute) of Jerusalem, the capital of Israel. He has taught at Congregations, Churches & conferences in Israel, Canada, New Zealand and throughout the United States. Each summer he co-teaches with well known Bible scholar and author Dr. Arnold Fruchtenbaum for three weeks at the Ariel Ministries Summer Bible Program, an intensive schedule of classes 5 hours a day, 5 days a week. Mottel’s teaching DVD’s can be found on and