Faculty Profiles

Professors of Messianic Jewish Studies
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Arnold G. Fruchtenbaum

Founder and Director, Ariel Ministries

Ph.D., New York University, 1989

Th.M., Dallas Theological Seminary, 1971

B.A., Cedarville College, 1966

Chris Eisbrenner

Ariel Ministries Missionary/Field Representative

M.Div., Shepherds Theological Seminary, 2013

M.A. in Christian Ministry, Shepherds Theological Seminary, 2011

B.S. from Philadelphia Biblical University, 1997

Jacques Isaac Gabizon

Pastor/Rabbi, Beth Ariel Congregation (Montreal, Canada) since 1998

Director of Ariel Ministries Canada since 1996

John Metzger

Ariel Ministries Missionary

Masters in Biblical Studies, Lancaster Bible College, 2004

B.A., Washington Bible College, 1970

Course work at Tyndale Theological Seminary

Adjunct Professors of Messianic Jewish Studies
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Mottel Baleston

Mottel Baleston is the Director of The Messengers Messianic Fellowship and served for 16 years as Messianic Rabbi and Associate Messianic Rabbi at Beth Messiah Congregation, New Jersey.

He earned a Diploma from Northeastern Bible College and a Certificate of Completion from the Ariel Ministries 5 Year Summer Program of Messianic Jewish Studies.

Graduate level course work at Biblical Theological Seminary of Pennsylvania and
Hebrew Studies at Ulpan Beit HaAm School of Jerusalem.

Enthralled, Enraptured, Enlightened?

Yes, the Messianic Jewish Perspective tends to have that effect. After classes, enjoy a time of prayer and contemplation at the nearby trout pond. You might catch a few fish. You’ll become a more skillful fisher of men.

Steven Ger

Founder and Director, Sojourner Ministries

Th.M., Dallas Theological Seminary

B.A. in Psychology and Interpersonal Communications, Trenton State College

Doug Petrovich

Ph.D., (in Progress) University of Toronto

M.Div., The Master’s Seminary

M.A., University of Toronto

B.A., Moody Bible Institute

Mike O’Brien

Adjunct Instructor of Religion at Liberty University since 2004

D. Min., Southeastern Baptist Theology Seminary

M.Div., Capital Bible Seminary

B.S., Liberty University

John Kanter

Sojourner Ministries, Representative

M.A.B.S., Dallas Theological Seminary

B.A., Pastoral Studies Moody Bible Institute

Teaching Elder, congregation Beth Sar Shalom (Plano, TX)

Jeffrey Gutterman

Director, Ariel Dallas/Fort Worth, TX

Ph.D. in Ministry, Scofield Graduate School and Seminary

M.S. in Education, Fordham University

M.Th., Tyndale Theological Seminary

B.A. in Psychology, Long Island University

Peter Parkas

Representative, CJF Ministries

Ph.D., Antioch Seminary

M.A., Fuller Seminary

B.B.A., Baruch college

David Brewer

David Brewer has been on staff with:

Life in Messiah International (Evangelism, Discipleship, and Training) since 1991,

Arizona College of the Bible (1988-1991; Bible, NT Greek, OT Hebrew)

Southwestern College (1988-1990; Bible, NT Greek)

Jerusalem Biblical University (1992-1993; Bible and NT Greek)

Philadelphia Biblical University (1994-2007; Bible, Theology, and OT Hebrew)

Toronto Baptist Seminary (2009-2012; NT Greek)

Arrowhead Bible College (2012-; Bible and Theology)

Mitch Triestman

Missionary, Friends of Israel

M.A., Biblical Theological Seminary

B.S., Philadelphia College of Bible

Thomas Huckel

Director of Hananeel Ministries, Philadelphia PA

M.A., Biblical Theological Seminary

B.S., Philadelphia College of Bible